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The Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non-Durables

The Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non-Durables

Non-durable consumer goods are those that are intended for single usage only. Food and cosmetics are just two examples. Manufacturing, cosmetology, oil and gas, and other sectors offer some of the Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non-Durables.

This article compares the consumer durables market to the consumer non-durables market. It discusses the best-paid jobs in the consumer non-durables industry, including future job growth, salary, educational requirements, and the total number of available positions.

There is stiff competition for well-paying jobs in the consumer non-durable industry. Consider that you’re selling the corporation on a considerable investment in you. Therefore you need an edge.

To begin, let’s define non-durable consumer goods.

Products made specifically for short-term use or consumption is known as consumer non-durables. This is because they aren’t built for long-term use and wear down quickly. Food, medicine, cosmetics, and paper are all examples of non-durable consumer goods.

It’s important to note that numerous sectors and businesses contribute to manufacturing non-durable consumer goods. Brands that specialize in producing disposable consumer goods include the ones listed below.

  • Procter & Gamble
  • PepsiCo
  • Adidas AG
  • Estee Lauder
  • Nivea

What are the differences between consumer durable goods and non-durable goods?

The majority of consumer durables can be used multiple times. This is because they’re versatile enough to be reused repeatedly. Things like furniture, appliances, automobiles, and electronics fall under the category of consumer durables.

Conversely, non-durable consumer items are not built to last. They are only meant to be used once. None of the consumer markets is superior to the others, and each serves unique niches.

The industry for consumer non-durables is massive. Look into consumer non-durable careers if you’re thinking about making a career switch or just getting started in the market. Below, we’ll discuss the industry’s attractive employment opportunities, salary and benefits packages, and other employee advantages.

 7 of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables Industry

Compared to the dramatic shifts in the manufacturing sector, the consumer non-durables market consistently exhibits exponential growth. As a result, businesses of all sizes are increasingly investing in consumer non-durable manufacturing.

Those businesses that were brave enough to diversify into the industry have seen, and continue to see, substantial financial rewards as a result. However, best paying jobs in consumer non-durables occupations can be found in the industries listed below.

Marketing and Sales Managers 

The marketing department is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies. This includes doing things like planning events, making advertisements, and maintaining social media profiles. In order to succeed in the role of marketing manager, you’ll need to be imaginative and meticulous. You’ll also need to work well under pressure and complete tasks on schedule.


A marketing manager needs a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, advertising, or a similar field. Employers may prioritize candidates with a master’s degree or higher in business administration. On the other hand, it is generally agreed that practical experience is more important. Since there will always be a need for marketing managers, finding work should be easy.


There is no need to delay in beginning your work. Find a company deficient in marketing and give free services to get expertise. You could promote your abilities as a marketing executive by enrolling in relevant courses and developing a marketing plan. Putting your money where your mouth is is the best way to be hired.


A reliable salary range cannot be provided for marketing managers. All the considerations would be overwhelming. For example, your salary will not be very high if you are the marketing manager for a small, local bakery. However, a marketing manager’s salary in a Fortune 500 company might easily reach six figures. If we take the median salary as an example, it is $133,380 a year, according to the Department of Labor. Many employment is available, though, that only pays a little. You’ll need to sharpen your marketing skills if you want to earn a big wage as marketing is one of the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and production

Products from the pharmaceutical business, such as medicine, are vital for all forms of life. No matter how healthy or ill a person or animal is, they will always need medication or nutritional support. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry is home to some of the best-paying jobs in the consumer non-durables sector.


The manufacturing and distribution of these goods to consumers depend on the expertise of a wide range of specialists and educated individuals. Researchers, analysts, lab technicians, and factory workers are all examples of jobs that fall into this category. reports that the average salary for a medication manufacturer is $3,360 per month or $840 per week. This corresponds to $25 per hour.


Machinery Operators


Machine operators run the machinery that produces non-durable goods. This includes starting up the machinery, keeping an eye on production, and checking to see if the finished goods are up to snuff. You will have different daily tasks depending on the equipment you are operating. Generally, you will be responsible for troubleshooting issues and running the production line smoothly.

This role typically does not necessitate any prior work experience. On the other side, applicants with experience in manufacturing may be given an advantage by some companies. It’s unreasonable to assume you’ll be able to operate every machine independently. Before using any equipment, you’ll need to get some training.

The typical yearly compensation for a machine operator is between $30,000 and $50,000, though this can vary widely based on the specific duties performed and the employer.


Cosmetic Industry


The cosmetics industry is offers the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables. However, to take advantage of the opportunity, you must understand the position’s criteria and meet the basic requirements. Therefore, a career in the fashion industry can be suitable if you intensely focus on working with a wide range of cosmetics products. Work in the beauty industry can be done temporarily or permanently.


Over a million jobs can be found in the cosmetics sector alone. With a growing consumer base, the cosmetics industry is predicted to grow by 10% to 15% annually. Because more people will want to take care of their appearance, the cosmetics industry is expected to grow. Some of the world’s most innovative and extensive consumer non-durable manufacturing companies are cosmetics conglomerates like the Unilever Group and Procter & Gamble, and they hold recruitment events all year round.


Founded in 1952 and headquartered in Paris, France, L’Oreal is a global leader in cosmetics and personal care. It’s one of the many French companies that supply everyday necessities to tourists and locals alike.

Food Manufacturing Industry


As a result, the food industry is devoid of any form of rivalry. Since eating is essential for the survival of all living things, the need for food will always be there in the marketplace.


For this reason, a wide range of well-paying jobs is always available. Jobs like food scientists, product designers, and logistics and value chain experts can pay well with advanced education, but only if you know what you’re doing.


The Department of Labor reports that the median hourly wage for workers in the food processing industry is $23.50.The median hourly income is almost $20 for production workers and those not in administrative roles.


Paper Manufacturing Industry

Although paper isn’t an exceptionally durable product, it is still a necessary item in the marketplace. As a result, the paper industry continues to thrive and has room to grow and employ more people as a result of the high demand for paper-related end products. In addition, since paper items are consumed rapidly, there is a constant need for replenishment.


In the industrialized world, especially the United States, it is one of the most sought-after and financially rewarding careers in the consumer non-durables sector. And according to BLS statistics, the average salary in the paper manufacturing sector is nearly 29 dollars. Moreover, production and non-supervisory workers earn slightly under $24 an hour on average, making them among the top-paid workers in the business.


On the other hand, studies show that the average salary for workers in the non-durable paper-producing industry is $56,535.


Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries


Oil, gas, and petrochemicals are the best paying jobs in consumer non-durables industry. The oil and gas industry is deemed non-durable since it focuses on producing and marketing immediate-consumption items, such as gasoline.


This industry not only has the largest pool of available workers, but it also pays above-average wages. This shouldn’t be a surprise given the number of departments offered within them, from supply chain management to advertising, marketing, brand recognition, and IT expertise.


There are many different kinds of scientists and engineers, and they could all work together in the same department.


Pros of Consumer Non-Durables:


Working with consumer non-durables has certain benefits.

  • High salary: Many positions in this industry are high-paying and have a competitive remuneration package that includes perks, bonuses, and more.
  • Possibilities for professional growth and advancement are available.
  • Working in an industry that is expanding and evolving is promising because of its various challenges and opportunities.


Cons of consumer non-durables:


  • Most shared consumer non-durable job postings are for professional positions that demand a bachelor’s degree or job experience. Although there are opportunities for newcomers to enter the workforce, the highest-paying positions will go to those with more experience.
  • Many jobs in the consumer non-durables industry need you to work in a factory, plant, or office, which limits your mobility and freedom of choice in your daily routine. The scope of possible remote employment may be restricted.
  • Work stress and a high-pressure environment are two problematic factors that can contribute to job discontent and burnout, despite the considerable wages that can be found in this industry.


Consider the big picture to see if the positives of the consumer non-durable vocation you’re eyeing outweigh the negatives.

Working Conditions and Competencies in the Consumer Non-Durables Industry

  • You need a high school education or its equivalent to work in the consumer non-durables industry.
  • The ability to collaborate effectively is a must.
  • Be a self-starter.

Here are some essential soft skills for a career in this field:

  • You’ll be collaborating with other employees and reporting to upper management, so you’ll need to have solid communication skills.
  • The ability to control one’s emotions and build rapport with others is at the heart of emotional intelligence.
  • Leadership skills: whether you’re already in a management role or want to one in the future, the ability to inspire, motivate, and direct the efforts of others is an invaluable asset in any workplace.


Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path

It can be challenging to know if a specific industry is suitable for you unless you have prior expertise in the subject. The market for inexpensive easily replaced consumer goods is similar. You must know what’s healthy for you.

That being said, just landing a position in the consumer non-durables industry is a huge win. This is because gaining experience in this field will help you develop your skills and prepare you for the coming years.

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