Reasons for Puffy Nipples and Its permanent treatment

Puffy Nipples

Puffy nipples are common in men, and a lot of men experience this problem. Behind this problem are many reasons, for example, hormonal issues, certain activities or fat issues in the body.

Changes in routine diet and exercise can be helpful in most cases. In that case, out these improvements don’t help, medical surgery might be essential to decrease enlarging and return the nipples to their natural shape.

In this article, we will analyze the reasons for puffy nipples in men. We will additionally look at the suggestions and treatments to return them to their actual shape.

Causes of Inflamed or puffy nipples:

Some most common causes of puffy nipples are genetic disorders and hormonal issues—other factors include diet, side effects of meds and steroids.

In men, hormonal irregularity, extra fats, and low testosterone levels or gynecomastia can lead to puffy nipples.

Numerous effects of ‘puffy nipples’ can be turned around by diet and exercise or by reducing the use of specific meds. In severe cases, medical surgery is necessary to get rid of puffy nipples.

Some common reasons for swollen or puffy nipples in men are:

  • hormonal issues
  • Use of steroid
  • certain exercises
  • excess of fat

Let’s discuss these problems in detail. 

Hormonal Issues:

Everyone has both hormones, testosterone and estrogen, but the testosterone level is higher in men than women. So, having higher-than-ordinary estrogen levels can cause the mammary gland to grow; mammary glands lead to a medical problem named gynecomastia. Inflamed nipples ordinarily disappear once estrogen levels get back to their usual condition.

Steroid use

The use of anabolic steroids can be a basic reason for hormonal problems. In a case study in 2010, a research specialist described two men who were using anabolic steroids, and they both suffered from inflamed nipple issues and swelling in nearby tissues.

Certain exercises

A person can experience inflamed nipples while jogging or exercising for a short time period. The repetitive movement while exercising can cause rubbing between the skin and the clothes, which can be a cause of puffy nipples during exercise. In other terms, it is also known as “Jogger’s Nipple.”

Excess body fat

If the fat in the body is at a high level, then it can change the shape of chest nipples and other tissues. So, if a man suffers from a fat issue in the chest, he can experience inflamed or puffy nipples.

Being overweight can also be a cause of the hormonal problem. In a research study in 2017, analysts found that men with high-fat levels can suffer from an imbalance of hormones. It can lead to a higher level of estrogen hormone and a lower level of testosterone. 

Reducing the fat level can lead to a balanced combination of hormones and can return puffy nipples to their actual condition.

What does it mean if you have puffy nipples?

Inflamed nipples could be a sign that an individual is encountering hormonal problems or imbalance. The use of specific medical prescriptions and steroids can lead to inflamed nipples. On the other hand, in men, puffy nipples can result from higher levels of chest fat, which can be turned back to a natural state by working out and having a proper diet. In severe cases, medical surgery is required, but it happens in rare cases.

Can puffy nipples be fixed?

Inflamed nipples can be treated, but the treatment relies upon the reason. If inflamed nipples are due to being overweight or fatty, then proper exercise and a balanced dieting routine are ideal ways to get rid of puffy nipples. This strategy can require long engagement, and an individual should be consistent and steady for the ideal effects. To lose the fat in the chest area, push-ups, chin-ups and dips are the best and specific exercises. On the other hand, swimming can also be helpful in reducing chest fat and reshaping muscles into their natural condition.

If the reason for puffy nipples is hormonal imbalance, then it can be fixed by using proper medication. However, if the results cannot be achieved through medication and exercise, then medical surgery will be helpful for quick relief. 

Surgery regarding the reduction of nipples includes the end of a shred of skin about the neck of the nipple that is shut and stitched, diminishing the level of the nipple by pushing a part of the nipple back into the chest tissue.


If you are suffering from the issue of inflamed or puffy nipples, then you can have the following treatments. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Exercise tips:

Experts suggest the below-mentioned exercises reduce swollen nipples in men. These exercises give strength and proper shape to the chest muscles.

  • chest press
  • chin-ups
  • forward and backward dips
  • incline bench cable fly
  • push-ups

People can add these exercises to their daily exercise activities. Make sure to practice more than one chest exercise to shape-up chest muscles properly.

Those new to weight loss should exercise with light loads and practice three sets of 8-12 repetitions. After some time, increase the number of sets bit by bit, or increment the weight and reduce the number of sets. Finding the ideal workout routine can be time taking. People should pay attention to their bodies and try not to strain their injured muscles.

For the most extreme impact, people should do practices that reinforce their back and shoulder muscles. Strengthening these muscles can further develop stance and equilibrium to shape the chest properly, giving the body a balanced appearance.

People should also do some aerobic exercises for better muscles, including:

  • running
  • jogging
  • cycling
  • swimming
  • jumping rope

Walking and running can add improvements to the puffy nipples. So, it is very beneficial to add some aerobic exercises to your routine, but you should use nipple covers while exercising that are available on the market. You can buy them online.

The Department of Health and Human Services Trusted Source suggest that adults should perform around 150 minutes of moderate oxygen-consuming activities each week. They also recommend strengthening exercises at least 2 days each week.

Diet tips

The addition of raw fruits and vegetables can be helpful in reducing extra fat in the body. This excess of fat in the body can lead to puffy nipples in men. To reduce this fat, people should:

  • Add raw fruits and vegetables to your diet
  • Add fibre-rich food such as legumes, bran, seeds, and nuts to your diet.
  • Try to eat foods with less or no sugar.
  • Limit carbohydrates in refined foods such as pasta, pastries, white bread, etc.

Men suffering from hormone imbalance should increase their intake of testosterone-rich foods and avoid estrogen-rich foods. Some estrogen-rich foods are mentioned below that should be avoided:

  • soy products
  • split peas
  • pinto beans
  • lima beans
  • alfalfa
  • clover sprouts

Some testosterone-rich foods are mentioned below. People suffering from hormone imbalance should increase their intake of such foods.

  • garlic
  • ginger
  • fish and shellfish
  • cruciferous vegetables
  • onion
  • olive oil

Most importantly, men should limit the use of alcohol, too much use of alcohol can cause hormonal imbalance.

According to the National Institute of Alcohol, it is stated that too much use of alcohol can be a cause of oxidative stress, cell damage, and low level of testosterone.

Supplements to try

Increasing the use of herbal supplements can be helpful in enhancing testosterone levels, which will lead to the reduction of puffy nipples. Some of these herbals are discussed below.


Ginger is a root that contains several antioxidants, for example, flavonoids, zingerone, and gingerols.

Recent research in 2018 proves that natural antioxidants present in ginger have a lot of benefits, such as:

  • protects the reproductive tissues from oxidative damage
  • reduction of inflammation of muscles
  • Helpful in balancing blood sugar levels

These impacts might imply that mixtures in ginger root can assist with lessening puffy nipples that happen because of an imbalance of hormones. However, these discoveries come from animal studies, and that means the outcomes may not be guaranteed to anticipate similar results in humans.


Another root plant, turmeric, contains curcumin, a strong compound that can be helpful in increasing testosterone levels in the body. As per the latest animal research, scientists tracked down that high portions of curcumin helped increase testosterone levels and sperm creation.


Fenugreek is a herb. Its seeds are plentiful in fiber and contain various nutrients and minerals, including iron and nutrients A, B-6, B-12, and D. In 2017, scientists inspected the impacts of an advanced fenugreek extract called Furosap on 50 male volunteers.

As per their results, 90% of the workers had a massive rise in testosterone. Additionally, results also showed more growth in sperm count, temperament, and mental sharpness. On the other hand, herbal supplements can be a good option in contrast to conventional medication; they can cause unsavoury secondary effects.

Hence, it is essential to consult a specialist about the potential dangers that could come with the use of herbs and medicines.

When might surgery be required?

Medical surgery might be expected to treat chest conditions like gynecomastia in the case that making dietary and exercise-regarding changes doesn’t help. Surgeries to treat swollen or puffy nipples in men include:

  • Liposuction: This strategy reduce the fat ratio from the chest’s muscles through a little cylindrical tube called a cannula, which is associated with a high strain vacuum.
  • Mastectomy: A mastectomy includes the removal of over-rated tissue or unusual growth of chest issues.
  • Tissue extraction: A surgeon will eliminate glandular chest tissues and extra skin to treat gynecomastia during this method. The specialist might decrease the size of the nipple for a more proper appearance.

Gynecomastia overview

Gynecomastia is a medical issue caused by inflamed chest tissues. According to research, almost 32-65% are affected by gynecomastia. Men suffer from gynecomastia due to high levels of estrogen. Gynecomastia can be due to the following reasons:  

  • Genetic disorder
  • Old age
  • Particular medication and overuse of drugs.
  • kidney problems
  • liver problems
  • testosterone deficiency
  • spinal cord problems
  • testicular tumours
  • breast cancer

Treatment options for gynecomastia:

Gynecomastia treatment varies regarding the reason. However, the initial step will generally include dealing with any current conditions that may increase the estrogen level.

Meds used for breast cancer can be helpful in lessening gynecomastia effects. Testosterone substitution treatment can assist with expanding testosterone levels and control the growth of chest tissue in older men with gynecomastia. Making dietary and way of life changes can also assist you in treating gynecomastia. These can include:

  • Do exercise with more consistency
  • Restricting yourself from fast foods
  • More addition of natural foods, vegetables, and other high fiber food in your diet
  • Staying away from soy items

Medical surgery might be required if medication, diet, and way of life changes don’t diminish the effects of gynecomastia.

When to see a doctor

If a man is suffering from the problem of puffy nipples, then he should consult with his doctor. Specific conditions of inflamed breasts or gynecomastia can be serious medical conditions. Early diagnosis of such cases can lead to better therapy results, so people must look for an expert medical opinion asap. A specialist will diagnose the reason and propose proper treatment choices keeping in view the patient’s medical history.

Final Words:

Normally Men and women both suffer from breast issues. People who notice puffiness or inflammation in their nipples can change dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce these effects. Specific exercises, like running, can cause rubbing between nipples and clothes and lead to puffy nipples.

A poor eating routine with no exercise can lead to excess fat in the body. Research shows this excess of fat is a cause of increment in estrogen levels. Guys who have a lot of estrogens suffer unusual breast tissue development that can lead to a medical condition called gynecomastia. People can discuss these symptoms with their doctor to have appropriate treatment.

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