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Peloton has already released the Peloton-Bike, Peloton-Bike Plus, Peloton Guide, and Peloton Tread, so a Peloton rowing machine seemed obvious. In May, Peloton hinted that a smart Peloton rower would be its next big release. Now, months later, you can place a preorder for the revolutionary new Peloton Rower.

Having used a wide variety of popular brands, we can talk logically about what features are essential in a high-quality rowing machine. Does anyone know how the Peloton rowing machine compares to others on the market? Get the details here if you’re interested.

How does peloton rower work?

The Peloton Rower is set up in the same way as other intelligent rowing machines. The front end of the machine consists of the screen and the handle, while the thin base features a seat and footplates. The rower takes up the same amount of space as a regular rowing machine, but clearly, more effort & research were put into its design.

The ergonomic seat, for one, is padded in all the right places without being either soft or harsh, making it suitable for extended hours of sitting. Unlike most rowing machines, this one comes with a place to hold your water bottle and mobile device. The foot straps are another feature to be appreciated. Velcro straps over your foot make it easier to enter and exit the machine. When your foot is buckled in, you’ll have a better sense of safety.

The ergonomically designed handle fits comfortably in the palms of your hands and is connected to a strong fabric strap that offers electronic control over the amount of resistance felt during a draw. The strokes are smooth and quiet, like rowing on water. The All-Access membership setup and connection are simplified by the 24-inch HD touchscreen. The screen can be rotated so that you can observe the exercises even if you are not on the rowing machine. This is very useful for those who prefer to complete their workouts on the floor, like in a boot camp class.

The rowing machine can either be left out after use or stored upright. To store it, push a key behind the display panel to lower it, then tilt the machine towards the base. Peloton has a convenient carry handle built into the frame’s bottom for convenient lifting. In addition, a wall anchor is provided for permanent installation.

Space requirements by Peloton Rower

In case you’re interested in ordering the Peloton Rowing Machine, you should know that it has dimensions of 8 feet by 2 feet and a weight of 156 pounds. Rowing machines can be stored vertically if you’re short on space, but before you do so, make sure there’s enough space. However, keep in mind that it is an eight-foot item of machinery, so it will be difficult if you choose to store it in a congested space.

Be careful, because it could be tough to raise if you are on the smaller side. A more visual representation of this procedure is available on the Peloton website. When stowed vertically, it still looks as heavy as any other rower. The rower’s height adjustment range of 4.9 to 6.5 inches and a weight capacity of 300 pounds make it suitable for the vast majority of rowing lovers. It also accommodates shoe sizes ranging from 5.5 for women to 13.5 for men.

Peloton Rower experience

If more than one person is using the rower, it is essential to calibrate each person’s form before starting rowing classes. Both the handles and the seat have sensors that can detect their positions. It is dependent on the handle strap’s length and the seat’s position along the rail.

During the calibration procedure, you learn rowing terminology like:

  • Catch: This is where the stroke starts.
  • Drive: Extending your legs, body, and arms is the ultimate phase of the stroke.
  • Finish: At the top of the stroke, the bar should be in line with the middle of your chest.
  • Recovery: Row back to the catching position.

After you have adjusted the settings, you can either row alone in “Just Row” mode or with a scenic backdrop, or you can enroll in a rowing class. 

If you take a class, you’ll learn about Form Assist, which enables real-time form correction utilizing calibration sensors. According to Peloton, the rower takes measurements hundreds of times every second to create Form Assist and keep tabs on form problems. On the left side of the screen, Form Assist displays a digital person using a rowing machine in time with your movements. If your form is off, a red highlight will appear on the person’s body at the point in the stroke where you’ll need to focus on improving.

completing the drive portion

So, if you’re completing the drive portion of the stroke incorrectly, the screen will show the back of the person instead. Form Assist can be turned off in the classroom, but doing so is likely to make it harder for you to learn.

Every student receives a Form overall rating at the end of the class session, which is represented graphically as a circle graph with overall points out of 100. Down below, it breaks down exactly where you’re going wrong and guides you on how to correct it. 

Adrian Williams, a fitness trainer for several years, recognized his rowing method wasn’t outstanding when he tried Form Assist. With the aid of the tool, though, he started making progress after only a few weeks. He praises Peloton Rower, noting that “it’s an intelligent, immersive piece of equipment” that, when combined with a skilled trainer, can help anyone improve their rowing technique.

Workout plans

Peloton All-Access membership ($44 monthly) grants access to hundreds of online and on-demand classes. On the other hand, the ability to monitor your stats is required for full use of the Peloton Rower. All of Peloton’s exercise machines need it in order to function properly. With this subscription, you’re allowed to make as many as 20 user profiles. There is an instructed rowing class that consists of a warm-up, a cool-down, intervals, form and drills, Tabata, and high-intensity interval training. Rowing Boot Camp classes with an instructor will soon offer both guided scenic rides and live classes. Williams also suggested that, like the other challenges that Peloton presently offers, there would be rowing competitions. Furthermore, many brand-new professors have been added. Ash Pryor, Alex Karwoski, and Katie Wang join the ranks of the previously well-known teachers Adrian Williams & Matt Wilpers on Peloton.

Rowing Sequence

In order to keep you from forgetting the rowing sequence, the coaches do a great job of constantly reminding you. The instructors do a respectable job of breaking down and clarifying the meaning of each measure (pace, stroke rate, output, and distance), as well as guiding students toward the most relevant ones to track. It’s very much like keeping up with the beat during a spin class.

As your rowing expertise grows, you can also modify your individual pace goals. After answering some questions about your previous rowing experience, the rowing machine will suggest a pace goal for you. At any point during or before a workout, you can switch to the beginner, intermediate, or expert level, depending on your fitness level and goals. If you’re just getting started, you might start on the easiest setting, but as your skills improve, you might go up to intermediate or advanced.

The rotating screen allows you to practice yoga or a boot camp class with exercise transitions on the floor. You can also track your heart rate while using Peloton Rower by connecting an ANT+compatible heart-rate monitor.

  • Advantages and disadvantages

After putting the Peloton Rower through its paces, let’s figure out what makes it good and what makes it bad.


  • For both beginners and seasoned rowers, the feedback provided by Form Assist is invaluable.
  • Simple to use, especially if you’re familiar with Peloton’s programs.
  • Comfortable Velcro foot straps.
  • Operation is quiet, making it ideal for use in a small studio or apartment.


  • The high price tag
  • The cost of the All-Access subscription
  • The bulkiness of the machine (which may prevent it from fitting in some homes)

When compared to the Peloton Rower, how does it fair?

Hydrow is the closest competing rowing machine, and it’s what we’d use as a benchmark when comparing the Peloton Rower. In fact, we once referred to the Hydrow as the “Peloton rower” in the best rower list. Tests of the Peloton Rowing Machine show that the company has significantly improved upon previous offerings. If you compare the Peloton to the Hydrow or any other rowing machine, the difference is immediately apparent in the Form Assist feature.

Hydrow, on the other hand, offers more reasonable pricing across the board. The Hydrow Wave is Hydrow’s compact alternative to the larger Hydrow Rower. Hydrow retails for $2,495 while the Hydrow Wave can be had for $1,695. When compared to these two rowing machines, the Peloton Row’s price tag of $3,195 is significantly higher.

Similarly, there is not much of a price difference between Hydrow and Peloton when comparing the various membership tiers. Monthly all-access memberships are required for both services and cost 38 & 44 dollars, respectively. Hydrow’s most expensive bundle, on the other hand, costs less than $3,000However, even the most affordable plan. Peloton Row costs more than that, and the most costly plan there will set you back about $3,600 per month.

The Peloton Row’s size is another issue. The Hydrow Wave is designed for congested places. On the other hand peloton rowing machine require enough space. Other smart rowers exist, such as the Echelon Row-S, a lightweight and beginner-friendly rowing machine that retails for $1,600. Unlike the Hydrow or Peloton Rowing machine.

Final Words:

The peloton rowing machine is great for beginners because it simplifies the process. It’s also great for seasoned rowers because it presents new challenges. However, the pricing is extraordinarily high, which can reduce sales. Putting Peloton’s innovation in rowing machines in direct competition with cheaper alternatives would be a good thing.

If you’re looking for a high-end rowing machine and have no price issues, the Peloton Rower is the best option for you. The Form Assist feature truly works, and it boosts rower self-assurance as you steadily get better with practice. This rowing machine may not be ideal for you if you are on a smaller budget, do not require a lot of extra functions, or only use a rowing machine occasionally. Many different rowers exist, all of which may be adequate replacements. If you’re serious about learning how to row or improving your technique. You can always pay for lessons from a professional rowing coach.

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