Payogel Gum Paste

Payogel Gum Paste

Payogel Gum Paste is made by highly experienced doctors with the help of natural herbs that contains calcium carbonate/silica that helps to remove the stains from teeth and to clean the surrounding teeth. Payogel’s formula contains baking soda that is a base, and bases have such a chemical composition that they can neutralize acids. So, payogel can neutralize the acids and plaque stuck on teeth.

It contain fluoride, which helps to prevent cavities formed by hydroxyapatite crystals because fluoride ions react with the saliva released during brushing and save the teeth from cavities. It also contains detergents and foaming agents such as sodium lauryl and glycerol monostearate. Detergents and foaming agents work to clean oils and fats left behind after eating oily fatty foods.

Composition of Payogel:

Payogel is composed of natural herbs. The elements of its composition are mentioned below:

  • Extracts of Lavang
  • Ashok
  • Kapur
  • Majuphal
  • Bakul
  • Neem
  • Gandhupura oil
  • Paste base

How to use:

Pore a bit of Payogel on the palm of your hand. Massage inward and outward gums gently by the finger of the other hand. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash it. Use it 2 to 4 times each day. In case you have a hole or cavity in your teeth, at first get treatment from your dental specialist, then use payogel to save your teeht from cavities.

What makes a perfect toothpaste:

The following factors make a toothpaste suitable:

  • It should be able to remove plaque.
  • It should have the ability to remove acids and tartar from teeth.
  • It should be good in taste, neither too sweet nor sour.
  • It should contain fluoride that strengthens teeth and prevent cavities.

Kinds of toothpaste these days:

There are a lot of kinds of toothpaste, some of which contain fluoride, and some do not. Fluoride is acid and plaque-resistant, strengthens teeth, and saves them from the cavity. When sugar reacts with bacteria, it produces acidogenic cavities in teeth. Fluoride also fights against such kind of reactions and prevent such cavities.

The American Dental Association recommends public such kinds of toothpaste that contain fluoride. Because their research has shown that fluoride-based toothpastes reduce tooth decay compared to non-fluorinated pastes. On the other hand, if you prefer to use non-fluoride products, many healthy products are available in the markets.

Things you need to know about payogel toothpaste:

  • Majuphal contains tannic acid, the top choice of this era’s dentists for healthy teeth, and payogel contains Majuphal to keep your teeth healthy and strong.
  • It contains Bakul that supports gums to be in their natural shape.
  • Payogel also contains other unique herbal elements such as Lavang, Jyotishmati, and Ashok. All of these give long life to your teeth by killing oral germs.
  • Payogel toothpaste’s formula provides instant relief from bleeding, swollen, and spongy gums because elements in payogel are best against Gingivitis Pyorrhea.
  • It kills oral germs with its triple action formula, and its natural ingredients such as Tejowati, Vai-Vidang, and Sat Pudina relieve teeth from the pain.

Pros and Cons of gum pastes:

Gum pastes, such as payogel, are a unique product for cleaning and strengthening your gums. It helps to prevent tooth decay, cavity, plaque development, awful breath, and other dental issues. It is composed of natural herbs and extracts that are beneficial to maintaining the gum’s natural health. Its massage on painful gums usually gives relief in seconds. It has been proven by dental scientists that its formula is perfect for curing Pyorrhea. This is easy to use, there are no difficulties or limitations to using it. It is available at any super mart or retail store. On the other hand, payogel is budget friendly everyone can afford it due to its reasonable rates.

Going against the norm, the drawbacks of a gum paste are that it isn’t as successful in eliminating plaque and tartar.

Sensitive gums and gum pastes:

Forcefully cleaning your teeth with a stiff fiber brush can cause sensitive gum. Nonetheless, there are numerous different causes of sensitive gums. There are a number of signs to alert us that we are suffering from gum infection. Assuming that you found blood spots while cleaning your teeth, it can signify that something inappropriate is occurring in your oral cavity. Other signs can be red and swollen gums, retreating gums, pain while eating, sensations while drinking cold or hot fluids, awful breath, and mobility in the teeth.

On the other hand, bleeding or sensitive gums can cause other problems, such as tooth decay and painful inflammations.

You should treat your gums issues early to prevent bigger problems by visiting your doctor. As gums disease can be more severe with the passage of time if left untreated. The best way to keep yourself safe from gum disease is to maintain good health and hygiene of the oral cavity by following your dentist’s guidelines or using perfectly composed dental products.

Many gum pastes are available in the market that you can buy on your own decision, such as payogel, that have triple action formula. Still, you should consult your dentist specialist before purchasing any product. Do remember that sound gums are the base of solid teeth.

Expert’s recommendation about the daily usage of payogel:

Payogel is a sensitive gums product that should be used daily. Specialists suggest that it should be used 2 – 4 times daily to protect or keep your teeth healthy continuously.

We suggest that you consult first with your dental specialist and then go for a paste because treatment depends upon the sensitivity of your teeth. Your dentist can guide you in a better way that how you should use toothpaste.

How long will payogel take to heal your gums?

Every person has different sensitivity levels. Therefore we cannot specify a time duration or how long it takes to heal your sensitive gums.  

However, scientific research shows that toothpaste with stannous fluoride such as payogel relieves pain and sensitivity within 4 weeks if you use the paste twice a day. If, within 4 weeks, your gum gets more sensitive and worse, you should visit your dentist immediately.


Many toothpastes available in the market will not heal your dental issues. So, you shouldn’t buy them. A particular amount of fluoride should be contained in toothpaste to be a powerful paste, so if you purchase a non-fluorinated or less expensive toothpaste, you will find it useless. To be more powerful and effective, a fluorinated paste should contain 1,000 particles for each million (ppm).

This mineral is consistently a fundamental source of a healthy oral cavity in reducing tooth decay and cavity development by fighting against oral bacteria. 


  • Payogel is a product that can fix bleeding from gums, tooth decay, and Gingivitis Pyorrhea and protect your teeth and gums from cold and hot sensitivity.
  • Before choosing a tooth or gum paste, you should visit your dentist for proper guidelines.
  • Many reasons can make your gums sensitive, but the thing to focus on is that you should focus on your daily routine that makes your gums sensitive.

Payogel buyer’s feedback:

It is highly suggested that you should focus on the experiences and reviews of others who have purchased this item. Similarly, you must pay attention to the assessments of the specialists. This era is digital, and the internet plays a vital role in helping you to understand what other people say and discuss about any product. So, it can be beneficial for those who are going to buy that specific product.


In this era, almost everyone knows about dental cleanliness items, and people expect dental products to be more impressively beneficial in the coming years.

People suffering from dental issues such as swollen gums sensitivity, cavities, or tooth decay are getting benefits from dental products such as payogel to cure their diseases. As these days, people are more concerned about their hygiene. So, toothpaste for specific problems is expected to be less used.

Therefore, to keep your gums healthy for a long time, use toothpaste daily, and supplement it with different items intended to deal with your oral cavity. On the other hand, it is also significant to choose the toothbrush and mouthwash carefully. The Payogel Toothpaste for gums and other dental issues is people’s first choice these days.

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