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Dad and Buried the Anti Parent Parenting Blog

Dad and Buried the Anti Parent Parenting Blog

Dad and Buried the Anti Parent Parenting Blog, has been gaining popularity worldwide for some time, but it has only just come to the public’s attention.

Trying to figure out what is appropriate and what is not is a constant struggle for new parents. The good news is that you can choose pieces of advice to implement into your life as a parent, but the bad news is that you’ll have to put in a lot of time and effort learning about things you never gave a second thought to before having kids.

Dad and buried the anti parent parenting has been quite popular among parents for more than ten years. Mike Julianelle, a resident of Brooklyn in his thirties, takes on the challenges of parenting with an attitude that is both practical and entertaining. He offers parenting advice and also discusses his own experiences with other parents. You’ll be able to locate some funny things to read no matter what parenting approach you choose at the moment.

May be you are a Good Mom!

You seem like a kind and responsible mother. Indeed, you put in a lot of effort. You have so much affection for your little ones. However, rest is necessary for you sometimes. It’s fine if you don’t know why. It’s not only acceptable, but it’s also essential. Dad and Buried fill this void. Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog, is for exhausted parents who need a good chuckle and don’t want to feel bad about taking some time for themselves. 

We’ll talk about all sorts of things that have to do with parenting and non-parenting, but shame won’t be one of them. Any overworked mother will tell you that what the pain of beating yourself with words is. Thus put aside any feelings of guilt or shame. 

What about “Bad Parents”

Do you ever wonder whether you’re the only caring parent in the world? Like everyone else is creating a mess, and you are doing the best among all. I can assure you that you are not alone in your sentiments as a parent. We also provide a blog for your convenience.  

The main goal of Dad and Buried, an anti-parent parenting blog written by dads, is to make you laugh until your sides hurt. It is written in the style of a real dad, complete with no justifications, advice that makes sense, or tweens. In fact, all they do is criticize every single trend in parenting, which comes to mind while simultaneously offering advice on how to make it through life as a parent. We assure you the blog will shed light on the struggles the average, hardworking father faces. 

Humor and “Dad and Buried the anti parenting blog”

When you can take a joke and laugh at yourself, parenting becomes much more manageable. Dad and Buried fill this void. Every aspect of this blog on raising children is hilarious, from the snarky headlines to the heartfelt articles. This blog is hilarious and not just for parents; anybody who has ever spent time with children will like it. 

Even their dad jokes are so awful that they’re humorous. So after a long day with the kids, there’s nothing better than kicking back and scrolling through a few posts on this blog. We’ve included five of our all-time favorite Dad and buried pieces below. 

We care about your stories:

Every parent has a particular tale, and at Dad and Buried the anti parent parenting blog, and we want to hear it all. We welcome stories from every parent, whether you work outside the house or remain at home with your kids. To that end, we are dedicated to giving a platform to the opinions of all parents. 

As such, please enlighten us with your anecdotes. Don’t keep these positive words to yourself; spread the word about our blog, your favourite social networking sites, and your neighborhood to anybody you believe would benefit from hearing them from an Anti-Parent Parent. Parents who feel entirely alone may find hope in your tale. It can help new parents figure out what they’re doing wrong. 

It might be a meaningful expression of support and affection for kids whose parents are going through tough times, such as a breakup or a death in the family. We require your services for a variety of reasons. 

Portrayal of ideal families?

To counteract the constant media portrayal of ideal families, I created Dad and Buried. You’ve met them; they’re the ones who seem permanently pleased with themselves and their appearance. I write this to reassure other parents that their lives are just as hectic, complicated, and plain challenging as mine. Everyone here is fighting an uphill battle and doing the best they can. 

Mistakes vs best parenting

Even the best parents have their flaws. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that occasionally we may be a bit…mean. Maybe we’re overworked and stressed out today. But unfortunately, we are all human and make mistakes from time to time. And here is where Dad and Buried come in. This blog is for you if you’re a parent who isn’t afraid to show their less-than-perfect side. 

Please hear us out when we say that being a bit abrasive is OK. Since we have a common humanity, it’s important to remember that. And don’t worry, we’ll show you how to stop being so cruel towards your kids. I know what you’re thinking: that sounds awesome! It is! A possible exception is if you tend to lose your anger easily. If such is the case, my apologies. 

Extra care of kids from outside harms:

That feeling is shared by others, too. Every single parent has experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed. Dad and buried anti-parenting parenting blog fill this void. We believe allowing kids to learn from their mistakes while experiencing life is crucial. 

If you were hoping to find guidance on how to improve as a parent, you’ve come across the incorrect article. But, on the other hand, you’ve found the appropriate place to vent your frustrations and share your experiences with new parents who are struggling. So you are highly welcome to at Dad and Buried. 

Hi, I’m Matt; I’m a husband and the proud father of two wonderful young men, and here is my lovely wife, Alice. We made a promise when we welcomed our first son that we would never be the type of parents who wouldn’t let their children play outside because of the potential for harm. 

Mistakes does not lead to failure?

When evaluating someone, I look at their deeds rather than their words. Keeping that in mind, I’m going to lay out my honest opinions on parenting. I hope that I may gain your confidence by being honest and forthright. However, only time will tell for sure.

It doesn’t matter how cautious you are as a parent, and there will inevitably be a time when you make a mistake. However, it’s crucial to understand for me as well as you, and I hope that just because we occasionally make mistakes or blunders, doesn’t make us a failure. On the contrary, it’s important to keep trying with our kids so they may model such behaviour for themselves. In other words, give yourself and your child every chance before giving up on them (no pun intended). 

The advantages of Dad and Buried the Parent Parenting Blog

Even though fathers are the most influential figures in their children’s lives, they sometimes get ignored. This blog contributes to changing that ignorance by emphasizing fathers, their roles as parents, and how they may assist their children in developing into successful adults. So if you are a parent, or if you simply want to discover all about how to become a good one, It is a worth reading! 

Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog, which means that we no longer have any links to other websites. 

On our website, you may find links to topics that are relevant to parenting or the growth and development of children (and often both). 

Why it is named the “dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog”?

  • You might be curious as to why this blog is referred to as “the blog of Dad and buried the anti parent parenting blog.” The reason for it is, that you love your kid very much, but parenting is a challenging job. It ought to be an experience that is more distressing than having a child that you do not care for. 
  • Although you adore your kid, raising him is a struggle for you each and every day. Even if you might not be as active in his life as you’d like to be, he still requires your assistance. One of the numerous factors contributing to parenthood’s difficulty is the requirement to maintain a full-time job in addition to working. 


Dad and buried the anti-parent parenting. The absence of parental or other adult supervision will be the first factor I will go through in this article. When children are engaged in activities with their peers, such as playing outside or participating in other activities, their parents are not always around since the parents either have to work or are exhausted from working. Because they were not paying attention to what their child was doing, it is possible that they will not notice if their child has been harmed, beaten, or even abused. 

In addition, there are cases in which adults do not watch their children because they are under the impression that their children are aware of the activities in which they should engage while left alone. 

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